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Start your morning off with a tasty peanut butter protein smoothie

I hate breakfast.

Why do I hate breakfast? I’m usually not hungry when I wake up, it’s a hassle to prepare when I’m rushing out the door to the office, and I get sick of breakfast foods very quickly – at least those breakfast foods that I should be eating within the guidelines of the Paleo lifestyle  I’ve adopted over the past couple of years.

When I first “went Paleo” back in 2011 I was *very* strict with my food intake. And that meant no smoothies, which had been a go-to breakfast for me in the past. However, over almost two years of tinkering and eliminating foods and then adding them back in, I’ve discovered that while I do feel better when I don’t drink milk or consume copious amounts of cheese, that I CAN handle whey protein and greek yogurt VERY well, and in fact enjoy better satiety, weight control, and overall well-being  when I combine them as part of a tasty breakfast smoothie.

Smoothies get a bit of a bad reputation in the Paleo community because we’re supposed to eat organic, whole (real) foods and avoid dairy. They also get a bad rap in general because of the high calorie and sugar content in the commercially available smoothies. But thanks to a powdered peanut butter product called PB2 that I found while browsing the health food section of my local grocery store, I have developed a high protein, low calorie breakfast smoothie that will keep you full for hours, and provide almost half the daily requirement of protein for an average-sized, athletic female (assumes a weight of ~ 130-150 pounds).

Here’s the recipe, complete with calories and macronutrients:


For 328 calories, this smoothie packs 52 (!!!) grams of protein and only 12 grams of sugar. A much better nutritional profile than your typically soy and fruit-based smoothies from a certain juice chain.

This recipe makes a pint-glass sized portion, of medium thickness. I’ve been enjoying one of these almost every morning for the last month, and notice a significant boost in energy and satiety on the days I start my mornings with a large amount of protein.

Question: what’s your favorite go-to breakfast? Do you have a healthy smoothie recipe you’d like to share?