Dumbbell Diaries #1

So now that I’ve announced my goals to the whole world, it’s time to start documenting my progress towards those goals. Tonight was my first “after new goal-setting” workout, and I was excited to get started, even though I was tempted to just keep driving towards home after a long and busy day at the office.

As I pulled into the gym parking lot, I knew that I had missed the window where it wasn’t so busy, and this was confirmed as I walked in the door. I knew that I might have to do some exercises out of the order that I planned, but I wasn’t going to let that deter me from getting a good session in. Here are today’s stats:

Workout duration: 70 minutes
Calories burned (per Garmin HRM): 658
Average Heart Rate: 134 BPM 
Max Heart Rate: : 170 BPM

10 minutes on rowing machine

Weights: (# reps/weight in pounds)
-Deadlifts: 10/95; 10/105; 10/115
-Superman Back Extension: 10
Notes: I was supposed to do two more sets of back extensions, but there was a girl hogging the equipment and I was too sore to get all up in her grill and tell her to share. 

-Back Squat: 5/135; 8/105; 8/105
-Tricep dumbbell extension: 10/25; 10/27.5;  10/27.5
Notes: 135 shouldn’t be hard for me on the back squat, but I almost bit it tonight. Not sure if it’s still me coming back from bronchitis and being a little weak, or if my back was fried from deadlifts. Whatever, the reason, those numbers were a huge bummer – better luck next time.

-Dumbbell Bench Press: 10/32.5; 10/32.5; 8/32.5
-Decline Situp: 10; 10; 10
Notes: On the other hand, the dumbbell bench press looks really good! I have done this weight before, but only 20 reps, tonight I cranked out 28 before muscle failure. Progress!

-Lat pullover: 10/65; 10/65; 8/70
-Shoulder dumbbell front raise: 10/10; 10/10; 10/12
Notes: Not much to say here. I really need more lat work if I’m ever going to be able to do an unassisted pullup.

Closing thoughts: A pretty good workout, considering how tired I was from my long day. I need to talk to my trainer to find out why my back squat numbers tanked today, and have him check my form on the deadlift again to make sure I’m doing the move correctly.


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