Gluten-free, high protein pizza crust

Before I dive into the recipe, a bit of background on why I would make something as weird as a chicken crust pizza may be in order. 🙂

In September 2011, I read a book called “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf. I was overweight and out-of-shape despite being a cardio junkie and years of following a low-fat “whole healthy grains” approach to eating. Looking around at my fellow Americans, I knew I couldn’t be the only one who had been failed by conventional diet wisdom.

As I read the book, it immediately made sense to me. on a very basic level. The way of eating recommended in the book was almost exactly how I remember my grandmother eating: meat with fat on it, real butter, whole milk, lots of vegetables, nuts, and fruit. No margarine, soy-this-or-that, nonfat milk, nonfat fruit-flavored yogurt, or anything like that. Just reasonable portions of real foods, combined with an active lifestyle that at her age meant lots of walking. She did eat grains, but not large servings and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t GMO wheat brought to you by Monsanto back in the day.

Overall, the transition to “Paleo”, or as I prefer to call it “Grandma style” eating has been very easy. I don’t miss pasta at all, bread only occasionally. I never was a big fan of dairy and still do allow a serving of greek yogurt every day because it has a lot of health benefits. I never drank soda of any kind, and my sweets cravings are satisfied with a piece of dark chocolate every day. My diet now revolves around vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, and a small amount of full fat dairy. By eating this way I’ve been able to lose fat, add a lot of lean muscle, and generally just feel better with plenty of energy throughout the day. I have fewer headaches and skin problems eating this way, also.

I do have my moments when I crave my “old” foods, however, and that craving is probably strongest for wood-oven pizza. I *love* a super thin pizza topped with mozzarella and fresh basil, or perhaps some amazing soppressata. I have indulged a few times in the past several months and I’m always sorry the day after. Not only do I have a headache from the gluten, but my belly looks bloated and it takes a few days to work through that. Not a good feeling!

Imagine my joy when I came across this recipe for a wheat-free pizza crust made with, of all things, chicken and cheese! It sounded as odd to me as it probably does to you, but I’ll try anything once! I headed out the store and picked up some part-skim mozzarella, a can of chicken breast, and some fresh basil.

I will respect the wishes of the blogger and not post the recipe here, but you can get the recipe and step-by-step instructions, here. It really is easy, and takes just a handful of ingredients, so it’s totally doable for a weeknight meal.


The crust after it finished baking. Mine took about 20 minutes instead of the 12 listed in the recipe.


The finished product. Pizza Margherita, protein style. 🙂


Two slices of this pie gives you about 400 calories and 49 grams of protein!

The verdict? While the crust didn’t have that crackly quality of a very thin-crusted wheat crust baked in a wood oven, it was WAY better than a lot of pizza crusts I’ve tried. It was fairly crisp, and held up well to eating with the hands. I could still taste the chicken a little bit, but that wasn’t a bad thing, and I think the chicken flavor could be pretty much masked by a spicy meat like
pepperoni or soppressata. But since my toppings were cheese and basil, the chicken was definitely a complimentary flavor.

I’ll definitely make this again, and will keep tweaking the flavors to see what I like best!

If you try the pizza, leave a note in the comments and let me know what you thought!


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