Fitness goals update, oh how they’ve changed!

Wow. It’s been one month since my last blog post, and about 6 weeks since my return from Spain. I still think about that experience every day, and how much I miss that beautiful country. I know I will return, MUST return, but in the meantime I’ve been focused on work and self-improvement. But my definition of self-improvement, at least from a physical standpoint, has changed dramatically in the last six months.

When I started this blog almost a year ago, I was in the thick of training for my second half marathon. All I did for exercise was running, and I preferred it that way. In October I ran that half marathon, not as fast as I’d like, but it still felt like an accomplishment nonetheless. It was, after all, 13.1 miles!

At some point during the race, I injured my knee. In the weeks following the race I tried various means of rehab, with no improvement. I got really depressed, and had several crying episodes to which my husband was witness to at least a couple. After one such episode he suggested that perhaps I needed to find something different to do, and recommended that I start resistance training at the gym we belonged to. I resisted the resistance training. I HATED WEIGHTS!!! Why on earth would I want to lift dumbbells repeatedly when I could do CARDIO? But deep down I knew he was right, and so I signed up for some personal training sessions in early December 2011. The sales rep who sold me the package said my new trainer was a perfect match for me, as he was also a runner who had dealt with injuries. I was skeptical but forked over the bucks and made my initial appointment.

My fears were unfounded. My trainer and I hit it off right away, and he soon started pushing me beyond my self-imposed limitations, which was exactly what I needed. I’ve now been lifting weights 2-3 times per week religiously for the last six months, and oddly, I LOVE IT! I love seeing strength gains almost every week. I’ve lost 13 pounds of FAT and gained 8 pounds of lean muscle. My body fat percentage has dropped from almost 33% to 24.8% (as of this writing). My clothing size has dropped from 8/10 to a 4/6. But most importantly, I feel strong, healthy, and better than I did 10 years ago. I am not overstating matters when I say that lifting heavy things, plus my Paleo diet, have completely changed my life.

But I’m still not done. I have some fitness goals and some body fat % goals, but I have no idea what my goal “weight” is and I don’t care. Yes, I still jump on the scale a couple of times a week just to keep an eye on what’s going on, but it’s no longer my focus.

By the end of this Summer, I want to:

-Do an unassisted pullup
-Run a 5K in under 27 minutes
-Acheive 22% body fat or lower, which would move me from the “normal” to “fitness” level of body fat

Will I achieve these goals? I believe I can. I’ll keep you posted!


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