Laying low in El Puerto de Santa Maria

During our first two days in El Puerto de Santa Maria we stayed fairly close to home, venturing out only for food, to visit the local supermercado, and to take advantage of the (weak) WiFi connection provided by a nearby hotel bar. The long travel day on Thursday was tiring, and the stormy weather has also been contributing to our malaise. Still, we are living in an oceanfront apartment with an incredible view, in Spain (!!!), so it’s hard to feel too sorry for ourselves despite the fact that it still hasn’t been warm enough to take advantage of the beautiful nearby beach.


On Friday, we woke up late and had greek yogurt and moka pot coffee for breakfast. After lazing around the apartment for awhile we stopped at a little restaurant up the street for some albondigas (meatballs) and then decided to try and find the local supermercado, SuperSol. Fortunately, it was very easy to find and had plentiful parking.

One of my favorite things about visiting foreign countries are shopping in the grocery stores. We were able to find most everything we needed – the only hiccup being we didn’t weigh our produce and label it prior to visiting the checkout counter. The clerk called the produce guy over (who was, as you might expect by now, very good-looking) and he helped us out.

After lingering for a couple of hours at a nearby bar with (weak) WiFi, we came back to our apartment and enjoyed a snack of manchego cheese, jamon, and some tempernillo red wine on the balcony as we looked out on the ocean, enjoying an all-too-rare sunny evening here in El Puerto de Santa Maria.

Saturday started similarly to Friday – yogurt, fruit, moka pot coffee, and no particular urgency to get up and do anything. However, we were both itching for some real exercise (loads of tapas and endless glasses of wine have a way of making one crave a good workout) so we put on our running shoes and headed up the boardwalk for a four mile run. Our route took us through some beautiful neighborhoods with drool-worthy architecture and lemon trees. If I lived here I think I would need to go running every day just so I could enjoy the scenery.

After our run, we got cleaned up and headed to the city center of El Puerto. I drove around the narrow street maze for what felt like forever looking for parking, but we finally found a space and walked past the Plaza de Toros, and the Plaza de Espana.



We somehow found our way to a crazy pedestrian street filled to the brim with restaurants, bars, and loads of mens in tight-fitting leather.

No, it wasn’t a gay scene, but rather crowds visiting from the nearby Jerez Motorbike Festival. As we walked through the crowds looking for an open table, a huge group of men broke into song and started clapping  as we walked by. This made us feel uncomfortable and anxious to sit down, so we grabbed the first open table we saw. We enjoyed some amazing chicken albondigas and patatas bravas washed down with cerveza.

After stopping for some delicious gelato, we headed home to meet Javier so he could troubleshoot our WiFi connection. No luck, so we are still without WiFi in the apartment and need to find it wherever we can, which doesn’t seem to be much of anywhere in our immediate area.  Had a dinner of manchego fondue with chorizo, bread, and roasted red peppers at nearby Crefoundie, and then finished the night with healthy salads and lemon cake here at the apartment. We collapsed into bed around midnight, which is an early bedtime for us here in Spain.


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