Travelling Back in Time #2: Last Full Day in Paris

(editor’s Note: It was a sad thing indeed, typing the title “Last Full Day in Paris” for this post. Looking back on our 2006 visit there, it was definitely one of our more memorable city visits. We did return to Paris in 2010, but the 2006 visit will forever be cemented in my mind as the first time we experienced the “City of Light” for the first time. And now, on with the last post from Paris as it was in September 2006).

I don’t think I’ve yet published many photos of what we can see from our balcony (other than the wedding) so here’s a look at our everyday view of Paris

Homeless men slept here when weddings of the aristocracy were not being held. You can see the "beds" on the stairs.

Looking left down Rue St. Honore'

Looking right down the Rue St. Honore'

We were starting to get really tired from running around, although we have managed to visit quite a few sights there is a sort of an important one practically next door that we hadn’t yet explored – the Musee du Louvre. We got there shortly after 9am and immediately headed for the Mona Lisa. Well, what can I say except it was really small, covered by glass, and surrounded by a million tourists. Afterwards, we spent some time looking at some of the Italian and French paintings, and then headed over to see The Winged Victory of Samothrace (which we called “The Wing Thing”) and the Venus de Milo. Although these “biggies” are probably at the top of everyone’s list when they visit the Louvre, I was far more impressed with the vast collection of Etruscan, Roman, and Greek antiquities.

Although there are limits on what can be photographed in the Louvre, we did take a few photos:

The Venus de Milo

Hermaphrodite has dual equipment.

After the Louvre, we hopped over to the Latin Quarter again – we had visited there early Sunday morning and really liked it, but a lot of the shops and restaurants were closed. After some shopping, we stopped in for a really expensive beer and light bite at the legendary “Les Deux Magots” on Boulevard St. Germain – one of Hemingway’s hang outs during his Paris period.

That smile says, "I can't believe we're paying 46 euros for two beers and a tiny snack!"

We strolled down Boulevard St. Germain, and came across a crepe stand where they make them fresh (so much better than the reheated crepes found at some of the super-touristy areas). I was still hungry – my $10 cup of gazpacho notwithstanding – and bought a sugar and banana crepe. This was the single most delicious thing I have eaten in Paris:

Mmmm ... it was as tasty as it looks, maybe more.

Michael had one with butter and sugar only, and agreed it was the best meal so far. Sometimes the simplest things are just the best.

After a quick stop back at the apartment to clean up, we walked all the way to Place des Vosges and sat on a park bench for a little while watching people.

Enjoying the outdoors on a warm evening in Paris.

We then made our way across the Seine to the quiet little island of Ile Saint- Louis and stopped at the legendary ice-creamery Berthillion for a scoop of their sinfully delicious glace’. Michael had pistachio and I had burnt sugar caramel – it was absolutely the most incredible ice cream I’ve ever had – it tasted just like the ice cream version of the crunchy part of Almond Roca.

The beautiful River Seine.

We then walked back across the Seine to the Right Bank to go to a restaurant we had spotted on the way back from Le Marais the night before. It was called Au Bourgignon and was on a very scenic little corner. We sat at a table outside and Michael ordered Steak Au Poivre and Frites, and even though he ordered medium, the steak was still mooing – no way I would have eaten that but he managed to and proclaimed it the best meal in Paris. I had a penne pasta with chorizo and tomato creme fraiche – the flavors were so clean and bright, I felt like crying right there at the table! We lingered for a couple of hours enjoying the scene and then made our way to pack, clean up, and get ready for our train ride to London.

Goodbye Paris, I will miss you – you sexy, well-planned metropolis with friendly waiters (really!). See you again in a few years.


4 responses to “Travelling Back in Time #2: Last Full Day in Paris

  1. Such a pretty view from your balcony and those banana crepes look amazing! Mmmm this is all making me crave macarons from La Duree!

  2. Everyone looks at peace, like they are relaxed and living.

  3. I think the saddest phrase in the English language is “last day in Paris”.

  4. Great post and beautiful pictures! My sister and I love those crepes in Paris. There was a time that was what we had for dinner. Crepe with nuttella was our favorite version. 😉

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