Plank Club (and general fitness): Update Time!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 11 days since I started Plank Club, and I’m still going strong! So far, there are about 8-10 people participating that I’m aware of, but if you’d like to join in the fun it’s never too late! In short, just hold and maintain a plank exercise with impeccable form for as long as you can.  Then do it everyday and try to add 5 seconds each time.

My longest plank so far has been 2 minutes, 30 seconds. That doesn’t sound very long, but when you’re in that position, TRUST me – it seems like an hour!
Today I managed a 2:10, but my upper body was pretty toasted from trying band-assisted pull-ups with my trainer yesterday.

In general fitness news, I am hardly running at all anymore, yet when I do run I find I am able to go faster for longer than I used to. I am definitely a better runner than the days when all I did was run, which is exactly the opposite of what you think would happen.

With over three months of faithful 3X/week strength training under my belt, I’ve seen tremendous improvements on almost every level:

-My body fat is down almost 5% – from 31.5% to 26.7%
-I am solidly in a size 6 and even some of those are getting big on me now.
-I can (almost) squat my body weight ten times.
-I can do  30-40 full body pushups without stopping to rest.
-I can bench 90 pounds six times.
-My walking lunges are now done with 27.5 pound dumb bells – I started with 10.

You will notice that none of these things mention a number on a scale. Yes, I do weigh myself and in the four months I’ve been weight training seriously I have lost maybe five pounds. But the person in the mirror looks a lot different, and the person inside is  completely different. There is tremendous satisfaction that comes with pushing yourself beyond what you think you can do, and an increased confidence both inside and outside the weight room.

I still have so many fitness goals I WILL achieve this year:

-I will be able to perform a full body weight pull up
-I will be able to squat my body weight and then some
-I will be able to bench press at least 100 pounds
-I will to get to the lower level “fitness” range for body fat

With continued hard work in the gym and my diet dialed in, I can do this!



4 responses to “Plank Club (and general fitness): Update Time!

  1. Great work. Keep it up!

  2. My best plank is 60 seconds, but I feel like 55 of it is solid with no break in form! I’m working on it:-) You are kicking butt, I’ve never had my body fat tested. I love that you are so strong in your goal! You have so inspired me to work harder on my own…

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