Race Report: Heartbreaker 5K, Sunday, February 19

Race: Heartbreaker 5K/10K/Half Marathon
Distance Ran: 5K
Time: 28:16
Splits: Mile 1; 8:49, Mile 2: 9:13 (water break), Mile 3: 8:25. Last .26: 2:00 (my Garmin said the course was 3.26)
Age/Gender Group Ranking: 5 out of 31 (not bad!)

I was very nervous for this 5K, as I haven’t been running  very much since my knee injury in October. However, I was also hopeful that I’d be able to run faster than ever before, as I’ve been hitting the weights pretty hard since I started working with my trainer in early December. 

I woke up around 6am, and was relieved to see that it wasn’t raining. I made myself an espresso (okay, two espressos) and put on my race gear. I had pinned my bib to my shirt the night before, as it always seems to take me forever to get the number straight. 

Around 6:45, I pulled out of the driveway and headed into downtown Portland. As is usually the case before a race I didn’t feel like eating, but I downed a KIND bar so I would have something in my stomach. I was able to find parking just a few blocks from the starting line at the World Trade Center. With about 10-15 minutes to spare, I lined up in the porta-potty line with everyone else and jumped up and down to stay warm as the temperature was around 38 degrees. I watched the half-marathoners go out at 7:30 (thankful I wasn’t one of them) and then lined up for my race which started at 7:40. I was very close to the front, and felt chubby next to the 6-minute mile gazelles stretching out next to me, but at least this way I wouldn’t expend energy weaving around walkers.

Unbeknownst to me, a photographer captured me hanging with the fast runners at the starting line:

Hangin' with the gazelles.

The gun went off and so did I. We took a left on Naito Parkway and then almost immediately did a tight turnaround to head South on Naito, which I realized at that point was entirely UPHILL. Not a steep uphill, but the slow and steady kind that can burn out the quads and lungs of an undertrained runner. The kind of hill that, only a few months ago, I probably would have had to stop and walk at least once.

I cleared the first mile in 8:49, which is GREAT for me. At the 1.5 mile mark, I stopped briefly to grab a bit of water because the cold was making my throat quite dry and I wasn’t carrying a bottle. I lost a bit of time, but I was parched! Thankfully, the course also turned around then which meant the rest of the run was downhill.

 As always, I had a bit of an out-of-body experience as I approached the finish line, and ran the last couple hundred meters as fast as I could – about a 5 minute mile pace. I felt great because even though  I didn’t clear 27 minutes like I was hoping for, I did get a P.R.
My next race is the Shamrock 8K in mid-March. I’ve done the Shamrock every year since I started running in 2009, and it’s one of my favorite events. I really need to get a couple of “longer” runs (which are 4 miles+ these days) under my belt to build some endurance, but I’m confident if I can do that my legs are much better equipped to handle the dreaded Broadway than they have been previously!

5 responses to “Race Report: Heartbreaker 5K, Sunday, February 19

  1. Congrats! Your times are great. Way to finish hard

  2. Great time! I’d love to kill 30 minutes in my next 5k.

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