Travelling Back in Time: October 26, 2005

We were in no rush to leave our apartment that morning but eventually made our way down Via del Pellegrino to the Campo di Fiori – a bustling square just steps from our apartment.

These pastel-colored buildings surround the Campo

We had enjoyed a romantic dinner there earlier in the week, relaxing and watching people of all types enjoying their evening passeggiata, or stroll, through the square. In the mornings however, our Campo turns into a lively market, with vendors hawking everything from cookware, to cheese, to fruits and veggies, to clothing, and of course – fake designer purses and sunglasses galore.

Merchandise is hauled in on adorably efficient little trucks

Mouthwatering fruit and veg at the Campo di Fiori market

This cute little dog stole the limelight from these beautiful flowers

I'll bet these meats aren't injected with antibiotics and God-knows-what

I bought a few souvenirs at the Campo (including a lovely blue sweater for yours truly) but Michael soon grew impatient of my shopping and so we headed out for our beloved due cappucino.

Sated, we wandered down an alley towards the Tiber, took a left and walked along the river towards the Teatro Marcello and shot some video.

Bridge over the Tiber

We stopped at a small cafe for an unremarkable sandwich, then crossed a very busy street (staring down the Roman drivers) to the Forum, where we wandered around taking endless photos and video footage of seemingly endless ruins. The weather was absolutely perfect – about 75 degrees, the best weather yet.

It's much more amazing in person.

The detail on this is just incredible.

We then returned to Mad Jacks Irish pub, remembering the tasty lunch and beer we had before. Sick of eating pasta, we were thrilled to see hamburgers on the daily specials menu and eagerly ordered up some good old American food. Or so we thought. The burgers turned out to be mystery meat – the likes of which I had never had, even the worst junior high cafeteria food was better than this. I choked about a third of it down though, because I was famished by then.

After our disappointing meal, we paid another visit to Torre Argentina to say goodbye to the cats, most especially our Rum.

We then decided to take another bus ride and wound up going way out of our way but it didn’t matter too much because we were tired from walking anyway. We stopped at the local market for a few dinner items, and we again had a delicious home-cooked pasta meal and packed our suitcases.

The return trip had us connecting through Munich and Chicago to Portland, and going through customs in Chicago was a complete nightmare. So by the time we were at our gate in Chicago, I had completely shut down. Even though I had barely eaten since I choked down a weinerschnitzel at the Munich airport, I was unable to eat and so I had a Starbucks strawberry cream frappucino for dinner. Sugar + dairy, real healthy there! Our plane was hot and crowded but I was so exhausted I think I managed to sleep for awhile. We finally arrived home around 11pm. I took a much-needed bath and then collapsed into bed.


2 responses to “Travelling Back in Time: October 26, 2005

  1. What amazing architecture. I would love to go there. I went to England back in 1997 and such an amazing time. I would love to go back.

  2. Europe *is* amazing. As far as England goes, I have only been to London, but seeing other parts of England (and the whole U.K., actually) is on my list. My favorite country so far is Italy, though, I just cannot get enough even though I don’t eat pasta!

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