What I did on my Facebook vacation

A couple of weeks ago, while wasting time on Facebook, I decided to take a little break from Facebook. 

I have never been a heavy user – at most spending 30-60 minutes a day checking my feed, posting pictures, sharing content, and commenting on friends’ status updates. But what I never included (until now) as part of the “time spent on Facebook” number was the mental energy expended, even when I wasn’t actively engaged with the site.

I was getting pissed off at people who were being nasty to other people over political and cultural issues. I was growing weary of rehashing with my spouse what happened between mutual friends on our feeds that day. I resented Facebook itself for propogating the behavior that is causing so many problems in our country today, where two sides shout at each other over the cultural divide while no problems get solved.

It all seemed pointless and I wondered why I was spending time and energy on it. So, I posted a status update with my email address in case any friends needed to reach me while I was “away” and logged out.

The first two days away were interesting. I found myself automatically clicking on the Facebook app on my Android phone, before remembering I was on “vacation”. I quickly closed the app and removed it from my home screen so the  little blue “F” icon was no longer in my face. And over the next few days, the urge to check Facebook completely disappeared. I found myself with plenty of time and energy to devote to things that I previously never seemed to have “time” to do. Here’s a short list of what I accomplished:

-Made kale chips for the first time (mixed review on that one. great crumbled over soups and such, but not so good on their own)
-Tried out a new flourless chocolate cookie recipe (yum)
-FINALLY filed a huge pile of paperwork that had been sitting on my desk for months
-Organized my closet and donated two bags of stuff to Goodwill
-Updated this blog
-Assembled our disaster kit (water, sleeping bag, medical supplies, etc) – another project that had been sitting idle since the Japan earthquake
-Started to seriously plan my trip to Spain
-Caught up on reading several blogs that I forgotten how much I enjoyed

Given that I haven’t even taken so much as a peek at my Facebook account in two weeks, I’m a bit disappointed that this list isn’t longer and more impressive. That’s probably because the last item on the list takes up more time than I would like, and serves as a reminder to pare down my Google feeds.

So, what’s next?

I’ll still check my feed occasionally, but I’m really treasuring my time away. And, as meaningful things happen in my life you can bet I’ll be sharing them with my buddies on Facebook. In the meantime, I’ll be working my way through a potpourri of projects: rediscovering my love of baking, writing more, analyzing our finances, more vacation planning, getting contractors in to bid for painting, electrical, and other things that have been put off forever, and perhaps the mother of all projects that has haunted me forever – organizing the garage. {{{shudders}}}

I’m already exhausted.


6 responses to “What I did on my Facebook vacation

  1. Love it! I have a great recipe for yummy Kale chips if you want. I also have those fabulous Frye boots you mentioned below.

    And I am off to explore Australia for 3+ weeks from the years of vacation inspiration I have received from you and Michael! Thank you both…

    • Australia – wow! I have another friend who just got back from there and it looked amazing! Have a great time and don’t forget to post lots of pics! Let me know when you come down our way again. 🙂

  2. Facebook makes people argue and that argument amounts to absolute inaction. How absolutely true!

    And rehashing of news of mutal friends – every bit true.

    I’m gonna take a Facebook vacation one of these days.

  3. I think this is great and I’ve often wanted to do this. The problem is that I have an iPhone and so it’s SO easy to check obsessively what’s going on in the internet world.

    I was getting annoyed with the meanness on the internet too. The trolls, the bloggers hating on other bloggers, the incessant political shit on Facebook. It’s time to take a break! So I started unplugging on weekends. No blogging or internet and it’s great!

    • Hi Lisa – Thanks so much for stopping by! I love your blog and it’s great that you visited mine. I don’t know how the iPhone works, but on my Android I was able to delete the Facebook app from my home screen without removing it from my phone entirely. Admittedly, I do still wonder what a select few friends are up to – I may just need to “clean house” on my friends list so I can check FB without getting annoyed! 🙂

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