I love October.

Don’t let the title of this post fool you – I absolutely ADORE warm sunshine, and the grey winters of Portland have been known to send me to the tanning bed just to enjoy the sensation of warm light on my skin. But after the absolutely gorgeous crisp fall days we’ve been enjoying lately, I realized just how much I would miss these days if I was to pack up and move to say, Maui, in an effort to get my fill of sunshine on a more regular basis.

Fall Color October 2011
This tree in my neighborhood, for instance.

I snapped this on the way home last night with my Android after I noticed the way the setting sun was making the leaves glow, as if on fire. And during the month of October, beautiful trees like this are ALL OVER THE PLACE. These beautiful trees also mean other good things are coming: fires in the fireplace, cute leather boots, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes.

And that’s why when I hear my fellow Oregonians bemoan the end of summer and the onset of “9 months of rain”, I smile to myself and feel thankful that my favorite month – October – never fails to impress me with beauty and energize me with reliably crisp mornings.

I can hardly wait for next September, so I can look forward to welcoming October again.


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