Week 4 Half-Marathon Training

I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since I posted, but I’m still hanging in there – working my day job and training for my half-marathon in October, although the training has not been going 100% to plan.

This week – Week 4 – has been particularly challenging. First, I had my longest run since April on Sunday, 6 miles. Doesn’t sound like much if you’re a distance runner, but trust me, it’s a long time to be on your feet. Monday was my scheduled rest day, and then Tuesday I was supposed to run again. Except I didn’t, because I’ve been battling a horrible sinus headache for several weeks now. And Wednesday, I woke up at 5:45am to catch an 8am flight to San Franscisco to speak at a conference, and then fly back at 6pm, not returning home until 8:30pm. Although I didn’t run yesterday, my feet still got bloodied and bruised doing a lot of walking and standing in uncomfortable black pumps.

Tonight I hope to get in 4-5 miles running along the waterfront, and then a nice resistance training workout tomorrow with a couple of easy miles thrown in for good measure.

Like everything in life, half-marathon training is about doing your best and being flexible enough to roll with the inevitable changes that life throws our way.



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