Things I Love #1: Portland Weather

With all of the dire warnings about skin cancer and millions of dollars spent marketing sunscreen products, it’s certainly not popular to be a sun-worshipper anymore. However, as is the case with several aspects of my life I go against the grain with this aspect too.


The warmth of the sun against my skin is one of life’s greatest pleasures and when there is no sun to be found I have been known to seek out the artificial variety offered up by the (gasp!) tanning bed. Fortunately, I was born with olive-toned skin that tans easily, so I can indulge myself in the rays a little easier than my fair-skinned sisters.

It may surprise you, then, that I absolutely love the weather here in Portland, Oregon. After all, if you ever hear anything about Portland it is about the grey skies and drizzle that comprise a good portion of mid-October through June. It’s a bleak, soggy part of the country where everyone has the suicide prevention hotline on speed dial lest the UVA deprivation become too much to handle.

While we may have more grey days than other parts of the country, here are things we do not have:

-Temps that dip below 35 even in the dead of Winter. (it happens, but it’s rare)

-Humidity. As a native Portlandian, I didn’t experience humidity until I visited Houston, Texas one January where it was 80 degrees and the air felt like a wet, musty blanket. I was miserable and felt like I needed a shower the entire time.

-Extreme heat. As the rest of the country is sequestered in air conditioned buildings as defense against endless 100+ degree days, I’m leaving the windows open day and night and relishing my afternoon runs and evening walks with the Husband. Summer in Portland is spectacular, because really, what good is sunny weather if you are stuck in air conditioning all the time?

I realize everyone has their own preference for weather, and that’s a good thing. I would hate to see how crowded my favorite running trails might become if everyone suddenly decided to move here. Fortunately, I don’t see that happening any time soon – the trails are mine for the the time being. 🙂


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