Switching it up: Week 2 of Half-Marathon training

It’s almost 5:30pm on a Tuesday night, I’m still at the office, and I’ve missed my window of opportunity to visit my gym during a decently non-crowded time of day. I’ve found out the hard way that getting a good resistance training routine completed between the hours of 4pm and 8pm is pretty much impossible, at least during the work week.  It seems more and more people are getting hip to the whole gotta lift weights to lose weight idea, but unfortunately it also means it’s harder for me to work out without waiting around for a bunch of jerks to conduct their social affairs while hogging up the equipment I need to use.

So, instead of tonight’s planned 2 mile easy run + weights, I will do tomorrow’s 4 mile run on my home treadmill tonight. Probably while watching some kind of shit TV like “Real Housewives” or “Toddlers & Tiaras”. The sheer spectacle of crappiness somehow makes the miles go by a little faster.

What I haven’t figured out, though, is how I am going to fit in two resistance training workouts between Wed and Sun without killing myself, as I also have a long run to get under my belt.

Moaning and groaning like an 80 year old? Yes, that will be me come Sunday evening – count on it.


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