The Plan

I came to running fairly late in life, starting just two years ago this month. Since then I’ve run a lot of 5K’s, a 5-miler, a handful of 10K’s, and one half-marathon.

As a person who could barely run 1/4 mile for most of my life, the idea of running a half-marathon seemed pretty crazy when I signed up for it. But, I signed up anyway and wound up finishing it in the toughest conditions I’ve ever raced in, let alone ran in. Think 40 degrees, pouring rain, and wind coming at you sideways.  I was miserable, but never more proud of myself than the moment I crossed that finish line.

Fast forward about six months, and here I am training for another one, as if the first one wasn’t enough punishment. The first time my goal was just to finish, but this time my goal is to beat that time by at least 10 minutes.

To keep myself organized, I developed a written training plan. I’ve included here so I’m accountable:

My Half Marathon Training Plan 2011

I’m travelling three times between now and the race, which will be a challenge but one that I am certain I can overcome. It means I probably won’t get much of a run in the weekend before the race, but that’s probably a good thing as I won’t be tempted to push it too hard when I should be backing off.

More on this later, but for now, I have a date with a heating pad and some Advil.


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