Another blog is born.

Since my introduction to the Internet in 1995, I’ve had a dozen or so personal web sites and blogs. From my very first site built on the Tripod platform in 1996, to this WordPress-hosted blog, I’ve started each of them with gusto and then lost the loving feeling after a few months of progressively less frequent postings.

It is my hope that this blog will be different, as I have been itching to get back into writing for the past year or so.  I miss the creative outlet and sense of connection that blogging brings, so here I am ready to either entertain you or bore you to tears with my musings on fashion, fitness, pop culture, food, travel, cube life, and occasionally, cats.  The next two months may contain a disproportional amount of running-related posts as I train for my second half-marathon. So if posts about chafing, sweating, peeing, or cramping make your stomach turn, well, you’ve been warned.

I don’t yet have a plan for how often I will post, as that will be largely determined by other aspects of life – work, travel, leisure time- the things I like to call “Life’s Little Bits”.


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